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About Lilla Dalarna

Relax as if you are invited to a cozy little house
in the Scandinavian countryside

Dalarna is a beautiful countryside in the Nordic country, Sweden. With its ancient traditions and carefully protected beautiful forests and lakes, the Dalarna region is called “the spiritual hometown of the Swedes.”

“Lilla Dalarna,” which means little Dalarna, is a small restaurant inspired by the homely atmosphere of Dalarna. Enjoy a relaxing moment surrounded by soft light, Nordic tableware and items, and traditional wall paintings.

Interior Decoration

The beautiful framed painting hanging on the wall is by Anita Hansson, who is the inheritor of traditional Dalarna wall painting, “Dalmålning.”

If you look up a little, you will see small antique items, which together with the Scandinavian tableware and shelves create a Nordic countryside ambience. Each table is lit by candles at night, and you can enjoy authentic Scandinavian cuisine in a different passage of time from usual.

Dalahäst (Dalarna horse)

Carved horse statuette, the Dalahäst (Dalarna horse) is placed all over the restaurant. This horse, which has become a symbol of Sweden, is a local handicraft made in the province of Dalarna. It all started back in the 1840s when the lumberjacks in the Dalarna region carved horses out of leftover wood to pass the time while sitting around the fire during the winter months. In those times the carved wooden horses were used as children’s toys, but they were later inspired by the Dalarna region’s traditional painting, Dalmålning, and were painted with beautiful patterns. With its warm colors and beautiful design, the Dalahäst continues to be loved as the soul of Sweden by citizens who have coexisted with nature.

Dalarna Region

When you think of Northern Europe, you may have the impression of advanced social welfare, simple yet modern design and luxuriant forests and lakes. On the other hand, the people of Sweden have always loved nature and are always yearning to “go home” to the forest in the summer. Dalarna is one of the places where their hearts “go home” to.

There are 15 cities in the province of Dalarna, with the population of about 277,000. Various traditional events are held throughout the year, but the Midsummer Festival, one of the most important events in Sweden, is held extravagantly every year and attracts many tourists from both home and abroad. “If you want to see the real Midsummer Festival, got to Dalarna,” is what the Swedes all say, as this region heats up with dancing and singing for the Midsummer Festival.

The Beginning of Lilla Dalarna

Dalarna opened in 1979. The founder, Seiichi Okubo, moved to Sweden at the age of 19 to become a chef and worked as a cook for 15 years in Nordic countries before opening his Scandinavian restaurant in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo.

A Bridge Between Japan and Scandinavian Culture

Okubo named his restaurant “Dalarna,” the place that has fascinated him the most while he was visiting various areas in Scandinavia, and has been acting as a bridge between Japan and Scandinavian culture since then.

Now the restaurant is in Roppongi, near the embassies, under the name of “Lilla Dalarna.” Chef Endo has taken over the restaurant, and as an expert of Scandinavian cuisine, he is constantly looking for new things for the customers while incorporating seasonal traditional dishes and offering consistent satisfaction.