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Guest House

Välkommen till
Guesthouse Dalarna!

Guesthouse Dalarna is a small auberge located in Nango, which is in the Oku-Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture. We have partially renovated a 150-year-old traditional Aizu “magariya (L-shaped farmhouse)” to recreate a traditional Swedish house.

About the Guesthouse

As you drive along the national road, the first thing that catches your eyes is a large red wooden horse, a Dalahäst, placed at the entrance. The beautiful Japanese house with its thatched roof and white walls and the traditional Swedish wooden horse coexist in a marvelous way without spoiling the atmosphere of the surroundings. Inside, you will see Scandinavian décor and tableware lined up everywhere, and beautiful Swedish wall paintings on the walls. The restaurant where you will dine is decorated with various tableware, furniture, and figurines that the owner has collected from Scandinavian countries, creating space that makes you feel as if you are drawn into another world. The food cooked by the Scandinavia-fascinated owner, who has trained as a chef for many years in Scandinavia, is absolutely exquisite. Please enjoy dishes full of local blessings of nature.

Step outside and you will find a river with clear water and a rice paddy field. If you drive a little from the guesthouse, you will see wild landscapes such as Oze, Komado Shitsugen moor, and Ina River. In spring, many flowers bloom, in summer, murmuring of the river and the sky full of stars, in autumn, pure white buckwheat flowers and the golden carpet of rice ears, and in winter, candles are lit inside the deep snow, creating a dreamy atmosphere. You can also enjoy beautiful moments of the four seasons in nature through mountain stream fishing and skiing.

Guesthouse Dalarna is supported by many guests. Customers who stop by for a meal every time they visit Aizu, people who bring us homegrown vegetables and fruits, guests who stay for a long time, and people who write to us… Guesthouse Dalarna is where it is today thanks to the love of many fans. We will provide the same taste and space so that we can continue to serve as the place of relaxation for our guests.


Room Charge

Three Western-style rooms:
Swedish home-style (Two twin rooms and one triple room)

Two Japanese-style rooms:
One eight-tatami room and one six-tatami + eight-tatami = 14-tatami room

From ¥13,200 per person

  • *Includes dinner course and breakfast

Dining at the Restaurant

Please feel free to stop by just to have a meal.

Lunch course ¥3,000/¥5,000
Dinner course from ¥5,000

  • *All meals will be the chef’s recommended Scandinavian specials course.
  • *Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.

Please call the guesthouse for reservations and inquiries.



by CAR

  • Go straight on the Japan National Route 400 from Nishi-nasuno Shiobara Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
  • When coming to the Japan National Route 121, go to the north
  • Turn left near by the Aizu-tajima station, go on the National Route 289 and go straight
  • If you see big Dalarna horse on the left hand side, it's our guesthouse.


  • Get off the train at Aizu-tajima station on Aizu Railway
  • 20 minutes by taxi
426-1, Azuma, Minami-aizu cho, Minami-aizu gun, Fukushima
Opening hours
Check-in: 15:00
Check-out: 10:00
TEL: 0241-72-2838
FAX: 0241-72-2838
Parking space
for 7 cars

Please call the guesthouse for reservations and inquiries.